ESPACE DE MEMOIRE - ΓΑΙΑ ΜΝΗΜΗΣ The project E.D.M. 526 200X142 cm

ESPACE DE MEMOIRE - ΓΑΙΑ  ΜΝΗΜΗΣ   was created by oneself’ s need to send to the world its own interpretation regarding the way of approaching the truth, by means of an idea expressed by a penetrating action directed from the inside to the outside.It is planned in such a way so that through any external form it can be adjusted to the human subconscious or conscience. In this way, it helps emerging the elements needed to stimulate the person, first to meditate and then to focus on those personal qualities that can lead to conclusions which will act drastically upon him. Therefore, the communication is achieved in a simple and discreet way with both the artist, who acts solely as the  means, and the public which constitutes the reason of its existence, simply by following the path of Memory and searching the mechanisms that govern it. ESPACE DE MEMOIRE  -  ΓΑΙΑ  ΜΝΗΜΗΣ   first appeared on canvas in blue and black colors only, thus indicating the ignorance brought by oblivion and the knowledge brought by memory. My attempt to : interpret : the blue-black gave birth to the text which is conceptually identical to its original form. After that any material or form can be used in order to spread the work in the most condensed way, as possible. An important part of the work is the translation of the text in as many languages as possible, even with errors, which after all are due to the human nature as it stands, and the way of communication as it is developed.