ESPACE DE MEMOIRE - ΓΑΙΑ ΜΝΗΜΗΣ The project E.D.M. 526 200X142 cm

ESPACE DE MEMOIRE - ΓΑΙΑ  ΜΝΗΜΗΣ   was created by oneself’ s need to send to the world its own interpretation regarding the way of approaching the truth, by means of an idea expressed by a penetrating action directed from the inside to the outside.It is planned in such a way so that through any external form it can be adjusted to the human subconscious or conscience. In this way, it helps emerging the elements needed to stimulate the person, first to meditate and then to focus on those personal qualities that can lead to conclusions which will act drastically upon him. Therefore, the communication is achieved in a simple and discreet way with both the artist, who acts solely as the  means, and the public which constitutes the reason of its existence, simply by following the path of Memory and searching the mechanisms that govern it. ESPACE DE MEMOIRE  -  ΓΑΙΑ  ΜΝΗΜΗΣ   first appeared on canvas in blue and black colors only, thus indicating the ignorance brought by oblivion and the knowledge brought by memory. My attempt to : interpret : the blue-black gave birth to the text which is conceptually identical to its original form. After that any material or form can be used in order to spread the work in the most condensed way, as possible. An important part of the work is the translation of the text in as many languages as possible, even with errors, which after all are due to the human nature as it stands, and the way of communication as it is developed.

Text for translation EDM521 137X45 cm

This is the translation form , baring the text written 28 years ago , designed  in a way that helps the translator to work easier.
If you wish to download it,  please click on the form.
If you wish to have it on PDF. or OPEN OFFICE or WORD, or you would like to have other languages on the form,  please send me an e-mail via my PROFILE.
Please also note that it is better to use cappital letters for better understanding.
In order to thank you, or the translator,or the person who helped with the project, I kindly ask you to write the names down,or if you wish otherwise  you can use the words "unknown" or "anonymous".
I thank  you in advance for your assistance.

The text has already been translated in the following languages:

ALBANIAN                                                                  IRISH  
ARABIAN                                                                ITALIAN 
ARMENIAN                                                          JAPANESE 
AZERIAN Latin Alphabet                                          KIRUNDI
AMHARIC-ETHIOPIAN                                           KOREAN
BRASILIAN                                                   KURDISH-Latin 
BASQUE                                                                    LATIN 
BERBER                                                          LITHUANIAN   
BERNESE                                                           LINEAR -B                            
BOSNIAN                                             LUXEMBOURGRISH
BULGARIAN Kyrillic                                          MAROCAIN
BULGARIAN Latin                                               MALTESE
CATALAN                                         MONTENEGRIN Latin 
CHINESE MANDARIN                                   NORWEGIAN
CROATIAN                                                   OJIBWE Latin 
CZECH                                                             OTTOMAN
DANISH                                                                POLISH  
DUTCH                                                       PORTUGUESE
ENGLISH                                                       ROMANIAN
ESTONIAN                                                        RUSSIAN
FARSI PERSIAN                                                SERBIAN  
FRENCH                                                             SLOVAK
GAELIC                                                                   SWAHILI
GEORGIAN                                                            SWEDISH
GERMAN                                                               TAGALOG  Philippines           
GREEK                                                                            TAI
HEBREW                                                                 TIBETAN
HIEROGLYPHIC                                                      TURKISH
HIRAGANA                                                          TURKISH 2
HUNGARIAN                                                      UKRAINIAN
VIETNAMESE                                                              URDU

The following languages need  to be further checked, so please  feel free to check them..


Wall constructed by recycled paper, 
baring the names of all the people that helped with the translation 
of the ESPACE DE MEMOIRE text.

I deeply thank you for your assistance.


English text on PVC 300x130cm

ENGLISH TEXT   62x138 cm aclylic on cambas, metallic collor

English text on lead  
more info:

English text on cooper

English text on iron

ENGLISH MEMORY 24.4 x 122.4cm
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FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR 2001 Mythologien des Buches

ESPACE  DE MEMOIRE - ΓΑΙΑ ΜΝΗΜΗΣ                      Rozetta  A side 

Hieroglyphic , English , Greek  text on canvas + plexiglass + iron     194 x 144 x 17 cm 2001

Mythologien des Buches ESPACE DE MEMOIRE - ΓΑΙΑ ΜΝΗΜΗΣ            Rozetta  B side 
Japannese ,German ,French text on canvas + plexiglass + iron 194 x 144 x 17 cm 2001 , 

2001 FRANKFURT-  GUIDE  Mythologien des Buches  
      pages 18,  pages 22, pages 23.

2001 FRANKFURT- Mythologien des Buches a

2001 FRANKFURT- Mythologien des Buches b

2001 FRANKFURT- Mythologien des Buches c

2001 FRANKFURT- Mythologien des Buches d



The word THE MEMORY in 11 bicycle barrier

01. THE TIME                                          02. THE SPACE                                          03. THE FIRE
04. THE WATER                                      05. THE AIR                                           06. THE EARTH
07. THE MEMORY                                  08. THE HUMAN RACE                         09. THE LOGIC
10. THE PAST                                          11. THE PRESENT                                12. THE FUTURE
13. THE PHILOSOPHY                           14. THE IDEA                                     15. TRANSFORMS
16. THE EFFORT                                     17. THE WAY                                   18. THE PROPOSAL 
19. THE MEDITATION                          20. THE SOLUTION                           21. THE POSITION

21 words of the ESPACE DE MEMOIRE text, written in 55 + different languages with different colors, are placed in a group of 5-7 words of the same meaning on each panel.
Each panel also bears a certain word in blue-black colors, which is the connecting link of the whole installation.
The design and the placement of the words on each panel is done in an artistic way (color - size) as well as in an mathematical one (Synthesis).
The work evokes the significance of Memory through time and space, which is transformed from material into immaterial one and turns Times Square into an island in the vast sea of a Metropolis.
In the heart of the city, the ESPACE DE MEMOIRE project proves its value, going all the way its cause, revealing aspects that are hidden, using the most important means of the human culture, the language.

The ESPACE DE MEMOIRE project itself is about transformation, the transformation that is brought by means of Art, an art that is familiar and new at the same time. It is classical in structure and contemporary in expression. It is solid as a concept and flexible in forms. It is the identity of the New York Time Square, itself. 

  The word TRANSFORMS in 11 bicycle barrier